Fakultet for miljøvitenskap og naturforvaltning (MINA)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

Master's programme: Environment and Natural Resources
Field of study: Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology
Compulsory courses for students starting autumn 2015:
YearSemester5 ects10 ects15 ects20 ects25 ects30 ects
22017Spring parallelMASTER'S
January block 
2016Autumn parallelMASTER'S
August block 
12016June block 
Spring parallelFMI
January blockFMI310 - 5 ects
2015Autumn parallelFMI
August block 
Compulsory courses
Field of study:

· Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology

· Geology

· Soil and Environment

· Limnology and Water Resources

· Sustainable Water and Sanitation, Health and Development

Optional courses:
BIO300Microscopy Techniques10 ects  Jan bl + spr p
FMI320Environmental Analysis5 ects  Autumn parallel
GEO300Advanced Hydrogeology10 ects  Spring parallel
JORD210Soil: GIS and Dynamic Modelling10 ects  Spring parallel
JORD310Global and Local Pollution of Soils and Environment10 ects  Spring parallel
KJM340Instrumental Inorganic Analysis10 ects  Aug bl + aut p
KJM350Radiochemistry10 ects  Aug bl + aut p
KJM351Experimental Radioecology10 ects  Jan bl + spr p
KJM360Assessing Risk to Man and Environment10 ects  June bl + Aug bl
MINA200Pollution - Environment10 ects  Autumn parallel
MINA300Biogeochemistry, Global Change10 ects  Jan bl + spr p
MINA310Project Management and Research Methods10 ects  Aut p + Jan bl
THT271Treatment of Water and Sewage: Basic course10 ects  Spring parallel
VANN300Water Pollution I15 ects  Autumn parallel
VANN301Water Pollution II5 ects  January block

At least 30 ects at the 300-level must be taken. Please note that several courses require a certain level of previous knowledge.

The students work with a 30 or 60 credits Master’s thesis the second year of the program.

Programme coordinator 2015: Mona Henriksen
Student advisor 2015: Trond Magnus Vaaga-Dyrseth

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This structure is only valid for the students starting autumn 2015. It is also possible to watch the structure for other year classes:

· Start of study 2023
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· Start of study 2022
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· Start of study 2021

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