Fakultet for miljøvitenskap og naturforvaltning (MINA)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

Master's programme: Environment and Natural Resources
Field of study: Limnology and Water Resources
Compulsory courses for students starting autumn 2019:
YearSemester5 ects10 ects15 ects20 ects25 ects30 ects
22021Spring parallelMASTER'S
January block 
2020Autumn parallelMASTER'S
August blockField course in VANN311
12020June blockVANN211
Spring parallel 
January blockVANN301
2019Autumn parallelVANN
August blockMINA302 - 5 ects
Compulsory courses
Field of study:

· Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology

· Geology

· Soil and Environment

· Limnology and Water Resources

· Sustainable Water and Sanitation


Optional courses:
ECOL200General Ecology10 ects  Spring parallel
ECOL310Global Change Ecology10 ects  Autumn parallel
ECOL380The Ecology and Management of Rivers and Lakes10 ects  Spring parallel
FMI310Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology - with Term Paper15 ects  Jan bl + spr p
FMI312Environmental Exposures and Human Health10 ects  Autumn parallel
GEO300Advanced Hydrogeology10 ects  Spring parallel
JORD200Soils in Natural Environments - Field and Laboratory Course10 ects  Aug bl + aut p
JORD210Soil: GIS and Dynamic Modelling10 ects  Spring parallel
JORD212Soil Analysis5 ects  Autumn parallel
JORD310Soil pollution and sustainability10 ects  Spring parallel
MINA300Global Change of the Earth System10 ects  Spring parallel
NATF340Management of Fish Communities10 ects  Autumn parallel
THT271Treatment of Water and Sewage: Basic course10 ects  Spring parallel
THT280On-Site Wastewater Treatment - Planning, Design and Impact Assessment15 ects  Spring parallel
THT291Solid Waste Handling and technology5 ects  Spring parallel
THT310Treatment of Water and Wastewater: Advanced course15 ects  Autumn parallel

At least 30 ects at the 300-level must be taken. Please note that several courses require a certain level of previous knowledge.

The students work with a 30 or 60 credits Master’s thesis the second year of the program.

Programme coordinator 2019: Mona Henriksen
Student advisor 2019: Per-Fredrik Rønneberg Nordhov

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This structure is only valid for the students starting autumn 2019. It is also possible to watch the structure for other year classes:

· Start of study 2023
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