Fakultet for miljøvitenskap og naturforvaltning (MINA)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)


MINA offers education in the following courses in the study year 2017/2018.

 Course titleEngECTS    Teaching    
Courses in Bioethics:
BIO340 Bioethicse5          D.H.Oughton
Courses in Botany:
BOT100 Plant Diversity5      S   Y.Gauslaa
BOT210 Bryophytes and Lichens - Floristics and Ecology5  A       M.H.Lie
BOT230 Plant Ecology and Diversity10  A       M.Ohlson
BOT240 Plant Ecophysiologye10      S   K.A.Solhaug
BOT270 Nature Mapping10  A       K.Klanderud
BOT340 Photobiologye10  A       K.A.Solhaug
Courses in Ecology:
ECOL100 Introductory Ecology5      S   K.Eldegard
ECOL110 Tropical Ecology and BiologyE10      S   F.Midtgaard
ECOL200 General Ecologye10      S   M.Ohlson
ECOL201 Ecology Essaye5      S   M.Ohlson
ECOL300 Methods in Natural SciencesE5      S   D.Sheil
ECOL310 Global Change EcologyE10  A       M.Ohlson
ECOL330 Tropical Rainforest Ecology and ConservationE5  A       T.Haugaasen
ECOL340 Exploring and Analyzing Data in Ecology and Natural Resource ManagementE5  A       R.Bischof
ECOL350 Restoration EcologyE5  A       J.E.Colman
ECOL380 The Ecology and Management of Rivers and LakesE10      S   S.Schneider
Courses in Forest Entomology and Pathology:
FEP201 Diseases and Pests on Trees5          H.Solheim
FEP202 Ecological and Economical Significance of Insects and Fungi in Forests5  A       P.Krokene
Courses in Environmental Chemestry and Ecotoxicology:
FMI309 Environmental Pollutants and EcotoxicologyE10      S   H.-C.Teien
FMI310 Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology - with Term PaperE15      S   H.-C.Teien
FMI312 Environmental Exposures and Human Healthe10  A       Y.Thomassen
FMI330 Effect and Biomarker Methods in Toxicology5          K.-E.Tollefsen
Courses in Renewable Energy:
FORN100 Energy, Environment and Society10  A       T.Martinsen
FORN200 Energy Systems and Technologies10  A       M.Havskjold
FORN220 Life Cycle Assessment - Environmental Impacts of Energy and Waste Systems10      S   O.J.Hanssen
FORN230 Energy Policy and Markets5      S   T.Bolkesjø
FORN240 Energy Distribution and Storage SystemsE5  A       M.S.Adaramola
FORN300 Wind and Hydropower - Resources, Profitability and Solutions10  A       B.Sønju-Moltzau
FORN310 Bioenergy10      S   P.K.Rørstad
FORN330 Renewable Energy System AnalysisE10  A       T.Martinsen
FORN350 Sustainable Management of Resources in a Circular Economy5  A       O.J.Hanssen
FORN360 Solar Photovoltaic Energy SystemsE10  A       M.S.Adaramola
FORN400 Project Management for PhD candidates, veterinarian research students and ResidentsE2  A   S   A.Stavne
Courses in Genetics:
GEN220 Genetic Basis of BiodiversityE10  A       M.Heun
Courses in Geology:
GEO100 Geology10  A       M.Heim
GEO210 Quaternary Geology10      S   M.Henriksen
GEO211 Quaternary Geology - Field Course5          M.Henriksen
GEO220 Hydrogeologye10      S   H.French
GEO221 Hydrogeology - Field Coursee5          H.French
GEO300 Advanced Hydrogeologye10      S   H.French
GEO310 Paleoenvironment and Climate Changee10  A       M.Henriksen
Courses in Soil:
JORD101 Soil Science5  A       L.T.Strand
JORD160 Introduction to Soil5          T.Børresen
JORD200 Soils in Natural Environments - Field and Laboratory CourseE10  A       L.T.Strand
JORD210 Soil: GIS and Dynamic ModellingE10      S   J.Mulder
JORD212 Soil Analysis5  A       T.Krogstad
JORD213 Chemical and Physical Soil Analysis5          Å.R.Almås
JORD230 Soil as Plant Growth Medium15  A       T.A.Sogn
JORD231 Fertilisations Planning5          T.Krogstad
JORD310 Global and Local Pollution of Soils and Environment10      S   J.Mulder
Courses in Inorganic Chemistry and Radio Chemistry:
KJM120 Inorganic Chemistry10      S   D.H.Oughton
KJM240 Analytical Chemistry10  A       E.Gjengedal
KJM340 Instrumental Inorganic Analysis10  A       E.Gjengedal
KJM350 Radiochemistrye10  A       L.Skipperud
KJM351 Experimental RadioecologyE10      S   O.C.Lind
KJM352 Radiation and Radiation Protectione5  A       L.Skipperud
KJM353 RadioecologyE5          O.C.Lind
KJM360 Assessing Risk to Man and EnvironmentE10          D.H.Oughton
Courses in Environment and Natural Resources:
MINA100 Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources10  A       V.Martinsen
MINA200 Pollution - Environment10  A       T.A.Sogn
MINA300 Biogeochemistry, Global Changee10      S   J.Mulder
MINA310 Project Management and Research MethodsE10  A       L.Skipperud
MINA410 Environmental RadiobiologyE5          D.H.Oughton
Courses in Management of Natural Resources:
NATF100 Introductory Nature Management10  A   S   M.H.Lie
NATF200 Nature Conservation and Management in Norway5          A.Sverdrup-Thygeson
NATF230 Wildlife Biology and Management15  A       L.E.Loe
NATF240 Ecology and Management of Freshwater Fish5      S   P.-F.R.Nordhov
NATF260 Environmental Impact asessment10      S   P.K.Rørstad
NATF300 Conservation BiologyE5          J.Swenson
NATF301 Practical Nature Management5  A       V.Selås
NATF302 Nature Management in Norway5          O.-G.Støen
NATF320 Ecology and Management of Natural Resources in the TropicsE10      S   S.R.Moe
NATF330 Wildlife Management10  A       L.E.Loe
NATF340 Management of Freshwater Fish10  A       T.Haugen
NATF350 Human Wildlife InteractionsE5      S   S.R.Moe
Courses in Production Systems in Agriculture:
PJH300 Sustainable Production Systems in Agriculturee15  A       M.A.Bleken
Courses in Nature-based Tourism:
REIS200 Tourism as Phenomenon and Industry5  A       S.Stensland
REIS202 Introduction to the Master Program in Nature-based Tourism10  A       S.Stensland
REIS210 Nature Interpretation5          P.Fredman
REIS300 Nature-based Tourism10  A       ******
REIS310 Social Science Research Methods in Nature-based Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resource Management5      S   ******
Courses in Forest Resource Economics and Planning:
RØP320 Forest Biometrics5  A       E.Næsset
RØP330 Project Analysis and Project Management in Forestry, Energy and Natural Resources10  A       H.F.Hoen
Courses in Forest Management:
SKOG100 Forest Management10  A       L.Nybakken
SKOG101 Forest and Wood Technology5          J.Bjerketvedt
SKOG102 Introduction to Forest Management5  A       L.Nybakken
SKOG200 Forest Biology, Ecology and Production5      S   L.Nybakken
SKOG205 Resourse Mapping and Inventory5  A       E.Næsset
SKOG210 Forest Products - Markets and Wood Technology10      S   A.Q.Nyrud
SKOG220 Treatment of Forest Stands10  A       A.Brunner
SKOG230 Resource Economics and Planning in Forestry10      S   P.K.Rørstad
SKOG240 Forest Engineering and Logistics10      S   J.Bjerketvedt
SKOG250 Forest Management - Interdisciplinary Analysis10          T.Eid
SKOG300 Forest Planning10  A       T.Eid
SKOG302 Multiple Use of Forests10  A       H.F.Hoen
SKOG303 Silviculture and Forest Growth and Yield10  A       A.Brunner
SKOG340 Forest Engineering and Logistics II10  A       D.Fjeld
Courses in Silviculture:
SKS300 Forest Ecology10      S   J.Frank
Courses in Sustainable Water and Sanitation:
THT282 Introduction to Sustainable Water and SanitationE10  A       P.D.Jenssen
THT383 Design of Decentralized and Small-Scale Water, Sanitary and Stormwater SystemsE5          P.D.Jenssen
THT384 Natural and Recycling Systems for Wastewater Treatment - Groundwater and Stormwater HandlingE5  A       P.D.Jenssen
Courses in Wood Science and Technology:
TRE200 Wood Technology I5          G.I.Vestøl
TRE210 Timber Industry10  A       A.Q.Nyrud
TRE300 Wood Technology15      S   O.Høibø
Courses in Limnology and Hydrology:
VANN200 Hydrologye10      S   N.-O.Kitterød
VANN210 Limnology / Freshwater Ecology10  A       T.Rohrlack
VANN211 Limnological Methodology5          G.Riise
VANN220 Water Resources and Water Supply5      S   G.Riise
VANN300 Water Pollution Ie15  A       G.Riise
VANN301 Water Pollution II5          S.Haaland
VANN311 Field course in alpine limnologye5  A       T.Rohrlack
Courses in Zoology:
ZOOL100 General Zoology5  A       S.Dale
ZOOL210 Vertebrates10      S   R.Steen
ZOOL220 Entomology5      S   T.Birkemoe
ZOOL240 Entomology II10  A       T.Birkemoe
ZOOL250 Behavioural Ecology10      S   S.Dale
ZOOL300 Ecological Entomologye10  A       T.Birkemoe
ZOOL310 Behavioural and Population Ecologye10  A       R.Steen
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Number of courses: 119

The teaching language is indicatet i red; E English, e English if needed, otherwise Norwegian.

The study year is divided into five periods:

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