Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

Master's programme: Forest Sciences (M-SF)
Compulsory courses for students starting autumn 2007:
YearSemester5 ects10 ects15 ects20 ects25 ects30 ects
22009Spring parallelMASTER'S
January block 
2008Autumn parallel 
August block 
12008June blockSKOG250 - 10 ects
Spring parallel 
January block 
2007Autumn parallelSKOG
August blockSKOG100 - 5 ects
Master's programme,
compulsory courses
Suggested course combination:
(Schedule conflicts between courses
have not been taken into account)

· Silviculture and Management

· Forest Resource Economics and Planning

· Wood Technology

In order to obtain a Master's degree in Forest Sciences the student must also choose:
At least 15 ects from the following 200-level courses:
SKOG205Resourse Mapping and Inventory5 ects  Autumn parallel
SKOG210Forest Products - Markets and Wood Technology10 ects  Jan bl + spr p
SKOG220Treatment and Production of Forest Stands15 ects  Aug bl + aut p
SKOG230Resource Economics and Planning in Forestry10 ects  Spring parallel
SKOG240Forest Engineering and Logistics10 ects  Spring parallel
plus at least 15 ects from the following 300-courses:
SKS300Forest Ecology10 ects  Spring parallel
SKOG302Multiple Use of Forests10 ects  Autumn parallel
SKS303Silviculture15 ects  Autumn parallel
RØP310Investement and profitability analyses in energy and forest management5 ects  Autumn parallel
TRE300Wood Technology15 ects  Spring parallel

At least 30 ects at the 300-level must be taken. Please note that several courses require a certain level of previous knowledge.
Student advisor 2007: Christina Heggertveit

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Studieprogrammer ved MINA
studieåret 2007/2008:

  - B-SF Skogfag
  - B-ØN Økologi og naturforvaltning
  - M-REIS Utmarksbasert næringsutvikling
  - M-NF Naturforvaltning
  - M-SF Skogfag
  - M-ECOL Økologi
This structure is only valid for the students starting autumn 2007. It is also possible to watch the structure for other year classes:
· Start of study 2025
  (Subject to change)
· Start of study 2024
· Start of study 2023
· Start of study 2022
· Start of study 2021
· Start of study 2020
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