Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

Master's programme: Renewable Energy (M-FORNY)
Compulsory courses for students starting autumn 2011:
YearSemester5 ects10 ects15 ects20 ects25 ects30 ects
22013Spring parallelMASTER'S
January block 
2012Autumn parallelFORN
August blockFORN330 - 5 ects
12012June block 
Spring parallel 
January block 
2011Autumn parallelFORN
August blockFORN300 - 5 ects
Master's programme,
compulsory courses
Compulsory courses for
students with background in:

· Economy

· Technology

· Environment/resource management

In addition one of the following subjects in methodology must be chosen:
AOS240Research in Social Sciences5 ects  Autumn parallel
AOS340Qualitative Methods5 ects  Autumn parallel
ECOL300Methods in Natural Sciences5 ects  Spring parallel
EDS312Research Methods II10 ects  Spring parallel
MAST300Planning the Master Thesis5 ects  Autumn parallel
MINA310Project Management and Research Methods10 ects  Autumn parallel

Recommended optional courses:
APL306Mediation, Management of Projects and Planning Processes10 ects  Autumn parallel
BUS240Operations Management10 ects  Autumn parallel
BUS370Economic Development and Entrepreneurship10 ects  Autumn parallel
ECN271Project Evaluation and Environmental Valuation10 ects  Spring parallel
ECN280Energy Economics10 ects  Spring parallel
ECN372Climate Economics10 ects  Autumn parallel
ECN380Energy Markets and Regulation10 ects  Autumn parallel
ECOL310Global Change Ecology10 ects  Autumn parallel
ECOL350Restoration Ecology5 ects  Autumn parallel
ECOL380The Ecology and Management of Rivers and Lakes10 ects  Spring parallel
EIE320Expropriation, Compulsory Purchase10 ects  Aut p + Jan bl
JUS320Planning and Building Law5 ects  Spring parallel
LAØ370Landscape Ecology10 ects  Spring parallel
NATF210Environmental Monitoring5 ects  January block
NATF260Environmental Impact asessment10 ects  Jan bl + spr p
NATF301Practical Nature Management5 ects  Autumn parallel
NATF340Management of Freshwater Fish10 ects  Autumn parallel
SKS300Forest Ecology10 ects  Spring parallel
SKS303Silviculture15 ects  Autumn parallel
VANN210Limnology / Freshwater Ecology10 ects  Autumn parallel

As a part of the Master in renewable energy one may take up to 10 ects in 100-level courses after agreement with the study advisor.

Programme coordinator 2011: Bolkesjø, Torjus
Student advisor 2011: Mariken Kjøhl

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Studieprogrammer ved MINA
studieåret 2011/2012:

  - B-FORNY Fornybar energi
  - B-SF Skogfag
  - B-ØN Økologi og naturforvaltning
  - M-FORNY Fornybar energi
  - M-MINA Miljø og naturressurser
  - M-REIS Naturbasert reiseliv
  - M-NF Naturforvaltning
  - M-SF Skogfag
  - M-ECOL Økologi
This structure is only valid for the students starting autumn 2011. It is also possible to watch the structure for other year classes:
· Start of study 2025
  (Subject to change)
· Start of study 2024
· Start of study 2023
· Start of study 2022
· Start of study 2021
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