Fakultet for miljøvitenskap og naturforvaltning (MINA)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

Bachelor's programme: Environment and Natural Resources
Compulsory courses for students starting autumn 2014:
YearSemester5 ects10 ects15 ects20 ects25 ects30 ects
32017June block 
Spring parallel 
January block 
2016Autumn parallelMINA
August block 
22016June block 
Spring parallelVANN
January block 
2015Autumn parallelGEO
August block 
12015June blockField course in ZOOL100 and BOT100
Spring parallelFYS
January block 
2014Autumn parallelMINA
100   101
August blockMINA100 / MATH001**
* STAT100 can be taken autumn and spring.
** Students without R1/2MX must take MATH001 in the August block.

Choose in addition at least 30 credits among:
GEO210Quaternary Geology10 ects  Spring parallel
GEO211Quaternary Geology - Field Course5 ects  June block
GEO220Hydrogeology10 ects  Spring parallel
GEO221Hydrogeology - Field Course5 ects  June block
JORD201Process Modelling in Soil Water and Plant Systems10 ects  Spring parallel
JORD212Soil Analysis5 ects  Autumn parallel
JORD250Soil Morphology5 ects  Autumn parallel
JORD251Soil Classification5 ects  January block
KJM120Inorganic Chemistry10 ects  Spring parallel
KJM240Analytical Chemistry10 ects  Autumn parallel
THT281Design of Decentralized and Small Scale Water and Sanitary Systems5 ects  August block
THT282Introduction to Sustainable Water and Sanitation10 ects  Autumn parallel
VANN210Limnology / Freshwater Ecology10 ects  Autumn parallel
VANN211Limnological Methodology5 ects  June block
VANN220Water Resources and Water Supply5 ects  Spring parallel

Recommended optional courses:
BIO100Cell Biology5 ects  Autumn parallel
BIO210Molecular Biology10 ects  Autumn parallel
BOT130Introductory Plant Physiology5 ects  Autumn parallel
ECN110Introduction to Microeconomics5 ects  Autumn parallel
ECN170Environmental and Resource Economics5 ects  Spring parallel
ECOL100Introductory Ecology5 ects  Spring parallel
FORN200Energy Systems and Technologies10 ects  Autumn parallel
FORN220Life Cycle Assessment - Environmental Impacts of Energy and Waste Systems10 ects  Spring parallel
FORN230Energy Policy and Markets5 ects  Spring parallel
FYS161Meteorology and Climate5 ects  August block
GMBB100Remote Sensing in Geomatics5 ects  January block
GMGI102Geographical Information Systems, Basics5 ects  Autumn parallel
GMGI210Geographical Analysis and Modelling10 ects  Spring parallel
JUS100Legal Method and Norwegian Legal System5 ects  Autumn parallel
KJB200Biochemistry10 ects  Spring parallel
KJM110Organic Chemistry10 ects  Aug bl + aut p
KJM230Physical Chemistry10 ects  Spring parallel
KLIMA100Climate Change, Research and Societal Impacts5 ects  Autumn parallel
LAD100Introduction to Digital Tools in Landscape Architecture5 ects  January block
LAD102GIS - introduction5 ects  Autumn parallel
MATH111Calculus 110 ects  Autumn parallel
NATF200Nature Conservation and Management in Norway5 ects  January block
NATF240Ecology and Management of Freshwater Fish5 ects  Spring parallel
STAT200Regression Analysis5 ects  January block
THT271Treatment of Water and Sewage: Basic course10 ects  Spring parallel
THT280On-Site Wastewater Treatment - Planning, Design and Impact Assessment15 ects  Spring parallel

Programme coordinator 2014: Mona Henriksen
Student advisor 2014: Trond Magnus Vaaga-Dyrseth

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